Join Free

  • - The mall is operated on the basis of membership.
  • - Available 100% free access to subscription fees or monthly fee without any additional costs, annual fees.
  • - E-money, we will pay for the new members.

e-money system

  • - 1% of the purchase amount will be credited to the member. Additional e-money of 1% ~ 20% will be provided depending on the purchased product.
  • - E-money has the same value as cash reserves.
  • - Held e-money is available immediately without conditions.

How to order products

  1. 1. Search
  2. 2. Add to Shopping Bag
  3. 3. Member ID Login or nonmember Order
  4. 4. Create order form
  5. 5. Select a payment method and payment
  6. 6. In order completion
    - If one member order history can be found in the "Order history" page. If you order as a guest so, please note the order number. (If you pay by card, please also note with approval number.)

Track your order confirmation and real-time systems

  • - Your order confirmation and delivery queries you can check your order and shipping status in "Order History" page.
  • - If you are not a member, you can be sure that you enter the customer's name and order number and password in the "Order History" page.

Billing Information

There are three payment account transfer and the Internet Record label and card payments.

  • Available domestic credit card

    - All credit cards issued in Korea

  • Available foreign credit cards

    - VISA Card, MASTER Card, AMEX Card

  • Bank transfer

    - The name of the person ordering and payment must match the name of the person.

Shipping schedules and shipping methods

  • - Minimum order will arrive within two to three days, or up to seven days from the settlement date. (Delivery schedules may vary depending on the product.)
  • - Please feel free to grab your desired delivery date is generously over three days. We will do our best to be shipped to the date you want.

Order cancellation, refund and exchange information

  • - We comply with the various laws mall provisions for the protection of consumers.
  • - Cancel your order0632365840로 전화주시기 바랍니다.
  • - Cancellation of orders is possible within the site. When payment is made, we will refund you.
  • - If you order a Bank transfer If you have not received the deposit for a period cancellation order is processed.
  • - If you pay by card, we will cancel the approval. If only accept the impossible, we will transfer the funds to the account. However, if your order has already been shipped, please understand that there can not cancel the order.
  • - We will process refunds within 20 days only when days from the date you received the product when the product is defective or incorrectly shipped as other goods.
  • - But let the goods, we will take care of you when you work within 7 days from the date of receipt, even if you want a refund or exchanged for other goods exchanged or refunded. However, please note that there may be cases where the customer has to pay the return costs on a case-by-case basis. (However, one has already opened items will not be exchanged or refunded if there are no defects.)