Greetings from the CEO

We will become a continuously growing company through research and development.


Prioritize customer satisfaction and services Socially responsible company

Air lab Co., Ltd.

I am Yi Hyo-gwang, CEO of Air Lab.
I would like to express my sincerest thanks for the support and encouragement you have shown Air Lab.

Air Lab was born out of the experience that I had around mid-February 2003 when I was working for a construction company at that time. While commuting by subway, I started to feel stuffy in the transfer passageway and I could not breathe well.

s soon as I blew my nose, I could see some black matter on the tissue, so I decided to make a good product that will protect me.

I came up with “a mask in the nose” and began research on the product. I was able to create the current product after various studies and with experts' support such as: [2014] “Grand Prize at the Jeonbuk Venture Contest,” “Award at the Korea Venture League” [2015] “The 3rd term of Jeonju University Venture Dream School” “Selected as an excellent idea by the Creative Economy Town”

Air Lab is a one-person company, and it manufactures the “nasal cavity insert-type filter.” In other words, the company specializes in making "Nose Clean." Instead of being content with the current product, it will grow further through continuous research and development. company will prioritize customer satisfaction and services and strive to make contributions to society as well.

I ask for your continuous interest and love, and I wish you happiness and good health.

Thank you very much.

Yi Hyo-gwang