Certificate & Patent of AirLab

The safety and technology of Air Lab have been verified by several agencies.

  • Antibacterial tests on premium filter (silver)

  • Filter antibacterial test

  • Quality control test on silicon rubber for molding

  • Far-infrared emissivity test on filter

  • Quality control test on the common safety standard for children's products

  • Air penetration tests on hanji-cotton filter

  • Quality Management System Certificate (ISO 9001)

  • Environmental Management System Certificate (ISO 1400)

  • Trade Association (KITA) Member Certificate

  • R&D Department Certificate

  • Venture Business Certificate

  • Nose Clean Trademark Registration Certificate

  • Utility Model Registration of Insert-Type Nose Mask

  • Nose Mask Production Method Patent Certificate

  • Nasal Cavity Insert-Type Mask Patent Certificate

  • Nose Mask-dedicated Support Material Design Registration Certificate

  • Nose Mask Design Registration Certificate

  • PCT International Patent Application

  • Chinese Trademark Application